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Earth's final sunset?  No... But will we still be here to see them?   Photo by Sandra Gore

End Times Are Here

The poles are melting, with dire portent for all Earth’s species

Our oxygen is threatened. The phytoplankton have retreated under the melting sea ice

Signs and Omens of Doom are everywhere. Just this weekend . . .

Funnel clouds were seen in stormy skies over LA, but didn’t touch down as cyclones

Niagara Falls were frozen

We have ice storms with hundred-car pile-ups and forty-mile traffic jams

Snow falls now with thunder, and blizzards flash lighting

snow lightning-.jpg

Crop planting and pollination are disrupted

We live in a fog, not of foggy weather but denial

These warnings are more urgent and perilous than the comets and blood rains of old

Oh, ye of little faith!

Fire, flood and tornado have destroyed larger US cities than Sodom and Gomorrah

Our real god of Earth, Mother Nature, commands that we change our lives

The True Goddess Geo-Gaia orders us to follow her inflexible natural laws of science

Urgent action is needed

Redemption can come easily, by planting more trees

And burning fewer trees

Paving less wetland that deposits carbon into the ground

Not dredging up and burning tar sands

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuel

Or pumping it back into the ground

Stop the Keystone XL pipeline

Waste less energy

Live healthier lives by walking or bicycling instead of driving

Ride the bus and read to improve your mind

Instead of watching TV filth

Forget ancient superstitions

Don’t believe Fox News

Live forever with modern science – then you will care about your planet’s future!

Geo-Gaia's electricity versus ours

Related Links:  Cataclysm